January (2015)

These images were captured around the village of Seyðisfjörður in Iceland throughout January 2015. Taking the opportunity to focus on walking as an artistic activity, I wandered around every day on foot within the limits of the short daylight hours. Recalling light and darkness as the fundamental basis of photography, my goal was to extend my photographic process and personal experience of landscape to convey a time and place of transition.

Link to January artist book

Fjörd, January 5th, 20"x24" C-print  

Pier, January 7th, 20"x24" C-print  

Car, January 12th, 16"x20" C-print  

Neon, January 12th, 20"x24" C-print  

Fjardaheidi, January 13th, 16"x20" C-print  

Fjardaheidi, January 13th, 20"x24" C-print  

Snowstorm, January 14th, 16"x20" C-print  

Beach, January 14th, 16"x20" C-print  

Strandarfjall, January 19th, 40"x50" C-print  

Sunrise, January 20th, Dimensions variable, Inkjet on vinyl  

Cargo, January 20th, 40"x50" C-print  

Vestdalur, January 21st, 20"x24" C-print  

Sunrise, January 22nd, Dimensions variable, inkjet on vinyl  

Dusk, January 26th, 11"x14" Cibachrome print in lightbox (Sold)  

Fjörd, January 27th, 40"x50" C-print  

Studio Window, January 27th, 24"x20" C-print  

Where the Mountains Meet the Sun, HD video still